Revelation: The End of Days (The Road to Babylon)

TV Movie (apocalyptic thriller)
History Channel
Raw, 2014
Director: Matthew Catling

The score was nominated for an International Music + Sound Award for Best Original Composition in a Television Programme (2015).

Paranormal Witness

Syfy Channel – TV Series (horror)
Raw, 2013
director: James Bryce

Locked Up Abroad (series 3-9)

National Geographic Channel – TV Series (crime)
Raw, 2008-2013
Series Producers: Sam Maynard, Richard Bond, Srik Narayanan

The Fugitive Chronicles

A&E – TV Series (crime thriller)
Raw, 2009
Directors: James Bryce, Simon George

Get Out Alive

Discovery Channel – TV Series (thriller)
Raw, 2009
Directors: Renny Bartlett, Carl Hindmarch, Srik Narayanan, Mark Lewis, Kim Flitcroft


Strangeways: Britain's Toughest Prison Riots

Minnow Films, 2015
dir. David Belton

Baby P: The Untold Story

BBC One (feature-length film)
Sandpaper Films, 2014
dir. Henry Singer

Deadly Islands

Discovery Channel (natural history series)
Silverback, 2014
series producer Huw Cordey
executive producer Keith Scholey

Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers

National Geographic Channel (feature-length drama doc)
Raw, 2014
dir. Sam Hobkinson

Touching the Wild

PBS (natural history)
Passion Planet, 2014
dir. David Allen

An Hour to Save Your Life

BBC 2 (documentary series)
Boundless, 2014
dir. Dov Freedman

JFK: Seven Days That Made A President

National Geographic Channel (feature-length documentary)
Blast! Films, 2013
dir. Steve Webb

Shackleton: Death or Glory

Discovery Channel (documentary series)
Raw, 2013
Series Producer: Kathryn Taylor

Lions on the Move

Terra Matter (natural history series)
Kingdom Films, 2013
dir. Virginia Quinn

Mankind: the Story of All of Us

History Channel (documentary series)
nutopia, 2012

Magic of the Snowy Owl

PBS Nature (natural history)
Fergus Beeley Productions, 2012
Director: Fergus Beeley

World's Toughest Drive

Discovery Channel (documentary series)
Raw, 2012
Series Producer: Sophie Todd

Warrior Graveyard: Ghosts of the Crusades

Channel 4/National Geographic Channel (documentary)
October Films, 2011
Director: Matthew Catling

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Remembering Aaron

BBC (feature-length documentary)
BBC Northern Ireland, 2011
Director: Henry Singer

The Kuwait Fund

BBC World
McKinnon Films, 2011
Directors: Richard Chambers, Virginia Quinn

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Seconds From Disaster

National Geographic Channel (drama doc series)
Darlow Smithson, 2011

Wootton Bassett: The Town That Remembers

BBC One (documentary)
BBC Bristol, 2011
Director: Henry Singer

The Lion Ranger

National Geographic Wild (natural history series)
Renegade Pictures, 2010
Directors: Virgina Quinn, Livia Simoka

Earth: the Making of a Planet

National Geographic Channel (feature-length documentary)
Pioneer TV, 2010
Director: Yavar Abbas
(Co-write with Ty Unwin)

The Monkey-Eating Eagle of the Orinoco

BBC 2, Natural World
Abu Dhabi Productions, 2010
Producer: Fergus Beeley

America: the Story of Us

History Channel (documentary series)
nutopia, 2010
Directors: Nick Green, Andrew Chater, Jenny Ash

After Armageddon

History Channel (feature-length drama doc)
Raw, 2009
Director: Steve Kemp

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Qatar: Living in the Spirit

Qatar National Day (documentary)
Serious Pictures, 2009
Director: Jenny Dames
Executive Producer: Peter Webber


five/Discovery Channel (documentary)
Oxford Scientific Films, 2009
Director: Russell Eatough

Race and Intelligence: Science's Last Taboo

Channel 4 (feature-length documentary)
Windfall Films, 2009
Director: David Hickman

The Human Zoo: Science's Dirty Secret

Channel 4 (documentary)
Diverse, 2009
Director: Srik Narayanan

A Farm for the Future

BBC 2, Natural World
BBC, 2009
Producers: Tim Green, Rebecca Hosking

The Shroud of Christ?

five/National Geographic Channel (documentary)
Pioneer Productions, 2009
Director: Chris Holt

Journey to the Edge of the Universe

National Geographic Channel (feature-length documentary)
Pioneer TV, 2008
Director: Yavar Abbas
(co-write with Ty Unwin)

Jim Clark: the Quiet Champion

BBC 2 (documentary)
Mark Stewart Productions, 2008
Director: Mark Craig

Conspiracy Files (series 2)

BBC 2 (documentary series)
BBC, 2008
Director: Mike Rudin

White Falcon, White Wolf

BBC 2, Natural World
BBC, 2008
Producer: Fergus Beeley

Ultimate Rock Climb

BBC 1 (documentary)
Darlow Smithson, 2007
Director: Paul Copeland

Ultimate Wild Water

BBC 1 (documentary)
BBC Birmingham, 2007
Director:Mike Smith

Gypsy Wars

BBC Three (documentary)
Hardcash Productions, 2006
Director: Richard Parry


Samsung Curved UHD TV - The Power of the Curve

Samsung, 2014

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RSA Films, 2012
3 x promo films for Audi
Director: James Bryce

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